What makes the best loupe cameras?

Handling a safe surgery involves a lot of things. The best surgeon or dentist has a set of reliable tools. Having the best visual during operation and actual recording of what goes on is vital. It takes modern technology to deliver a safe operation of the dental structures or any other body surgery. As it is routine, surgeons have to have available whatever they need in the surgical room. Of course the equipment and tools need to be modern and functional. Each one of them has a purpose. For that, not all loupe cameras will do the job. On top of that, different surgeons will prefer different types of loupes. You can expect diversity in the market. To get the best cameras for the job, you need to do a lot of research. Check out the features below that define the best loupe cameras.

Durable materials

A surgeon needs quality loupes, but not just for a single operation. It is a necessity inside the surgical room. As you can expect, the cameras purchased have to be durable. It is better to go for an expensive gadget that will live for long that go for a cheaper option that will last a week. Durability is defined by how many years a gadget is expected to live. If you are not sure of a long life, then you should be wary of buying such a camera. The lens, the headband and everything about the loupes should guarantee a long life.  One company that is providing state-of-the-art quality and durability is FlyWire Cameras.

Easy maintenance

Durability is boosted with regular maintenance. Loupes can be complicated and maintenance even more complex. Some will however come with easy procedures for cleaning and maintenance. Those are the gadgets to go for. Without a known procedure, you can do what is not to be done and damage the lenses. If a loupe is not washable, then don’t even think of buying it. Without cleaning, the lens will get dirty and the quality of images will depreciate.


Surgical loupe cameras come in different sizes. For headbands, they have to be lightweight for easy usage by the experts. In addition, surgical operations are not ones you should require strength to handle. In any case, all the tools should be strategically placed for easy use in the course of operation. Surgeons can also spend hours in the theatres. You don’t want to have a hard time having to support the heavy cameras all through. A lightweight headband will be convenient. The surgery will be uninterrupted.

Micro customizable

A loupe not fitting will not be convenient. The best loupes are easily adjusted to the detail for fitting in purposes. Even the slightest misalignment can compromise functionality. The objective is to capture all the details as the surgery goes on. For headbands, they have to be fitting to the head. Just like you go for fitting clothes, the same case should apply for the loupes. You should not experience any discomfort when wearing the headbands.

Ergonomically balanced

Loupe cameras are designed to help only during operations. They are not there for film recording but recording the proceedings of surgeries. While performing such delicate procedures, the focus is to eliminate headaches, fatigue and other side effects that may arise. It should be a best fit for the person wearing the loupes and camera.

Compatible with modern tech

Loupe cameras require other gadgets to produce the best quality of images. USB ports, and other operating systems need to work with the loupes. A loupe camera that is compatible with different operating systems is the best. Whether iOS, android or desktop, there should be no problem when connecting. Storage and battery life should also support the loupe maximally. They do matter. Imagine a phone without a battery, it is simply useless. Failure of the loupes during operation can mean a disaster.  For more information or to ask questions on loupecams, contact FlyWire Cameras (Twitter here).

FlyWire Loupe Cameras


Make the right decision based on your research. We are not campaigning for the cheapest loupes and cameras in the market. Affordability is different from cheap. Affordable loupes are ones you can obtain with ease as they match in with your budget. Different types of loupes are available and each type comes with different features. The loupe you can afford to buy without stretching your budget is obviously the best for you.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – What’s The Big Idea?

Every home owner knows the absolute frustration that comes from having to deal with pests. No matter how clean your home, the fact of the matter is that it represents the ideal environment for pests to live in – it’s warm and usually provides a haven from the predators that pests have to shelter from. There’s also all that delicious food available in cupboards or in the garbage.

The battle between man and pest has been going on ever since human beings first decided to inhabit fixed dwellings – and it’s a battle that will continue for the foreseeable future.

Homeowners use a variety of methods to deal with pests including poisons and traps, however the best outcome would not be to continue to battle these pests every day but to rather prevent them from entering or taking up residence in the home at all. This is why many people are turning to ultrasonic pest repeller technology.

Electromagnetic pest repellent

In a nutshell an ultrasonic pest repeller works because it uses short wavelength sound which is inaudible to humans but makes pests uncomfortable. The wavelength is over 20,000 Hz which means that it’s far too high for humans to hear, but animals such as bats and rodents can hear above this threshold – and it makes them very uncomfortable.

Research has also shown that ultrasonic repellers also change the behavior of insects such as crickets – it seems to disturb their mating and feeding patters, however it’s important to know that the same research seemed to indicate that ultrasonic repellers have little or no effect on pests such as cockroaches, however some manufacturers beg to differ.

Anyone considering purchasing an electronic pest repeller like this should know that they are not 100% effective, however they will have some benefit. Pests such as rats and mice seem to be repelled within a small area for days or even weeks, however they seem to quickly acclimatize themselves to the frequencies emitted by most of the commercially available ultrasonic pest repeller types. The ideal approach is therefore to use multiple pest control repellers around the home.

Here are a couple of the top picks if you are in the market for an ultrasonic pest repeller.

The Genie Best Electromagnetic 6-in-1 Pest Control Repeller

This unit transmits ultrasonic frequencies, electromagnetic waves, Ozone, and Anion to repel different pests, such as mosquitoes, ants, roaches, rats, mice, pests, and rodents away.  Reviewers have also said that it works for raccoons as well.  Priced around 40 dollars.

The iCooker Repeller.

Reviewers rate this unit highly when it comes to repelling rats and mice. Some reviewers have stated that it’s also effective on bees, as well as cockroaches. It’s most effective when used in smaller enclosed areas, so if you have a multi-story dwelling then consider buying one from every level of the home. You should be able to pick one up for under 20 dollars.


Professional events in Hawaii always come with a distinctive sense of organization. Days to the actual events, everything is put in place, attendance lists are checked and crossed and the venue is put in order. The concept of audio visual services is not taken lightly either. While some event hosts choose to source these services from within, others decide to go all out and look for companies that are adept at what they do. If you are planning to host an event, then the thought of hiring Hawaii audio visual services must have crossed your mind. Before you make the next step however, you will need to know the pros and cons of hiring an AV company.



If you choose to go for the service of an AV company, then you need to always go for the best out there. Since most of these companies are packed with professionals, there will always be a sense of organization about the whole event. Equipment will arrive on time and everything will be set hours before the event takes place. Professional audio visual companies in Hawaii use Information Technology (IT) professionals that always provide the assurance that things will take place as planned.

Guarantee of high quality service

Certain audio visual companies in Hawaii are specialized in what they do. You will find that whatever company you have chosen has had time to purchase an arsenal of equipment that come with the best audio and visual quality. You are therefore sure that nothing will go wrong and your crowd will stay engaged. You also get the chance to breathe easy because there is an assurance that machines will not break down and if there are glitches, the company has the resources at hand to make amends within a very short time. This peace of mind is great because you do not want to be running around throughout the event worrying that something may fail and embarrass you.

No chaos or confusion

Event hosts who choose staffers to manage the AV section always fall headlong into trouble. In most cases, they are regular workers with no knowledge of audio-visual services and no idea of where to start. On the other hand, an audio visual company has it all down to the last bit. The company will most certainly have teams available and there will always be a clear idea on what needs to be done in terms of AV services at any point over the course of the event.


As a rule, you need to go for those audio visual service providers with a track record and a reputation of service. The advantage of hiring these companies lies in the fact that they know what to do to make your event a success. They have probably been offering the same services for years now and have a very good idea on what tweaks to employ to create something that the audience loves. Experienced technicians are more likely to respond promptly to glitches and fix them before anything goes wrong. Finally, the most important aspect of hiring experienced companies is that they have staffers who have handled events before and know how to get things moving.  One company with extensive experience is Pristine Audio Visual Hawaii.  You can check out their services here.


Audio visual services cost money.

The company you hire will come in with its own set of technicians. They will come in with pieces of equipment that need to get powered to work. Since we are talking sophisticated equipment here, it is safe to assume that your electricity bill will not exactly leave you smiling. At the end of the day,you will have to pay them as agreed beforehand .Chances are that what they charge is significantly steep .A quick math will show you an expenditure that is way higher than you had envisioned your in-house AV would cost.

Takes the control out of your hands.

The audiovisual company you engage will come in with its own way of doing things. You will not have the level of control or flexibility that comes with managing your own AV activities. This could reduce you to a mere spectator at your own event.

Choosing professional audio visual services for your event is a great way of ensuring that your event runs smoothly and according to plan. Always weigh the pros and cons before making a decision on whether or not to hire.  Please watch the video below to get a better idea of the applications of professional AV services.